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 News from TwilightMoms

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PostSubject: News from TwilightMoms   Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:20 pm

I wasn't sure if everyone had seen this yet or no... I know I hadn't Smile

So I posted the details behind visiting the set on 3/18 and 3/19, but here are some details about seeing the cast after hours away from the set.

So many of you know that CTM was going to be in Portland this week. She came to shoot family pix of a friend and after the crazy thunderstorms in Dallas, she missed her photo shoot. Of course she wanted to come out to Portland even more since filming was less than an hour away. I wasn’t supposed to meet up with her until later in the week but after some quick maneuvering with my schedule, decided to come hang out the whole week.

Moving on to the details. We seriously hit the jackpot when we decided to stay in a hotel that was a little off the beaten path on Portland. I’m an early riser so I got up one morning and went to the lil’ breakfast offering our hotel has and as I was getting a copy of the paper, who walks past me but Jackson. I call Amy and just as she’s coming down Kellan walks into the lobby area with a protein shake in one of those mixer cups. We decide to much our food there maintaining our composure as more of the cast walks down, Nikki, Ashley and I think Christian Serratos. Finally Cahtherine Hardwicke walks down and they all leave to go to work! I almost flipped out. But we didn’t see RP so I was lil’ saddened.

Wednesday we are joined by kallieross...After some shopping downtown on our way home from the film location we decide we want dinner. I am used to staying in another part of Portland when I come up from my part of Oregon and my cousin was out of town, so we made a pit stop at the concierge and asked for good local eats and so on. They gave us a few options, one of them being within close walking distance. It is super cold so we opt for the closer place...We walk into the place and make our way to a seat. There are a lot of locals, it was after work so it was getting filled pretty fast and we plop ourselves down at the first table we come to...WHICH IS NEXT TO JACKSON AND ROBERT. This was not luck it was fate. So we sit down, there is a mirror along the back wall, so we were able to stare without being obvious. Robert had on a black beanie, long brown jacket, black shoes, black pants and black tee. Jackson had on a long black coat and I can’t remember the rest. They were way into their conversation and we didn’t want to bug so guess what...WE DIDN’T! We ordered food, talked nervously and drank our drinks wondering if any of us would get up the nerve to bust in on their conversation. We didn’t. The only thing we had enough nerve to do was ask, as they were getting ready to leave, hey can you take a picture of us girls, We’re here hanging out for the week. And RP takes Kallie’s camera, than mine and snaps a shot! He says, “Say ale” and the second time says, “say you love me” (I’m pretty sure he noticed that we were stealing glances at him) and that was it. We flipped out when they left and than were depressed for the rest of the night. We were so close to a pic and totally backed down. Where’s Cam at when you need him? (Never back down!!!).

OK, so befor we even went to dinner, we dropped off our shopping on our room. I had to park the car and Amy and kallieross went up ahead of me. As I was walking by my lonesome down the hallway, who should pass me but Kellan. Looking gorgeous in dark jeans, a white long sleeve tee, and a blue beanie on his head. Ahhhhh, GORGEOUSNESS! I looked at him, than looked down. I could have past out. But I didn’t.

On Thursday night we asked the concierge about good food places and he gave us two three blocks down, the other one block up. Blame it on laziness but we chose the place one block up. We were eating, relaxing talking about life. kallieross excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When she comes back she sits down and is a little excited and starts asking us questions. We are looking at her all weird when she says, Jackson, Nikki and her friend are at the table by the window eating! AHHHH! Again, not luck fate. But they were eating dinner, they had just started we didn’t want to bug ‘em so we didn’t. We just ate our food, paid our bill and left. AHHHH! I know, so close yet so far away! Anyhow.

And because we went a lil’ crazy when we realized we were across the hall from Kellan, we took our flowers from a room service tray and put it by his door. We were going to go and take them back to save ourselves some embarrassment but by the time we peeked out the door again, they were gone! The next morning, there was a note that said “Thanks for the flowers, Love Emmet!” With a cute lil’ googly face at the end! HAHAHA! We were laughing so hard, and also hoping we wouldn’t see Kellan again. But deep down hoping we would see him so we could ask him to sign the picture. (Amy, scan it in when you get the chance next week!)

Those were our close encounter. Amy and kallieross feel free to add!

Overall a good weekend!

Oh and one of the bell hops was named Cullen. No joke. That was his first name. He was cool! We told him about the books and he was like, What?

Oh, oh, and we did see the Los Angeles Clippers today, if that also adds to this whole story. We felt super lucky this week! HAHAHA.

And the more I think about the more I realize that there was a reason none of us stepped up and got all crazy fan-girlish and asked for autographs (chicken adds to that, but for the most part I guess it was just respect?) Hmmmm, that’s what I’ve been saying to myself since Wednesday night!

I will add the pic later. It is horrible though. Rob was squinting at the camera, trying to figure out how to snap the pic, it had a bit of a delay so I stopped smiling. He said "Say, ale," cuz I had a beer. HAHA. But I was thinking the reason we didn't bug Rob for a pic of him was because we were close enough to hear his convo with Jackson and they were having a vent session after work. So it would have been really awkward, like, hey I know you were just having a vent session but would you mind smiling purdy for the camera? You know? I don't know. I'd rather track them down at the premier for pics...(Guys, I am really shooting myself in the head over all of this, like sick and wanting to scram, so all you comments are helping me get over it). Thanks.

Um yeah, we had every scenario planned out in our head after we had time to sleep on it! The camera thing was totally what I thought I should have said, but alas it has been almost 48 hours. So the moment is gone.

But I will have my autograph and pic with him one day dang it. I came so close it will happen again.

And it was also funny because we got word that most of them were leaving Thursday night and Friday after lunch and we were so sad and dragging when we got that news...

C'est la vie!

OK, so please don't let this taint your vision of Rob, but he was drinking "ale" -beer- and smoking a cigarette. So, when he took our pics, he had a ciggy hanging out of his mouth, making smoking look cool again. But he reminded me of James Dean, that pic of him looking up with the furrow in his brow, and the ciggy hanging out of his mouth. So when he took the pic all I saw was this gorgeous man, with his beanie on, trying to figure out my camera with a cigarette out of his mouth. SO HOT!


Hey y’all. Just wanted to post real quick about being on set, which was TOTALLY AWESOME!

Day One-Tuesday, 3/18, got to the set at around 3:45 or was it 4. I forget. Either way, seeing the set on location was AWESOME! It was even more awesome when I was able to spot people...Ashley, Kellan, Kristen, Jackson, Nikki and of course Robert! It was cold that day and they were shooting and reshooting the scene where Edward first takes Bella to school, and when the whole school and Edward’s siblings are all shocked over the newly developed relationship.

They shot those scenes every way imaginable, first with both of Kristen’s doubles (I think there were two), and then with Edward’s double (who does have longer hair than Edward/Robert by the way). Anyways, a little after we got there the sun started shining through the clouds. They had to stop filming because the sun doesn’t shine in Forks, duh! So, anyways the extras and Cahterine Hardwicke started doing a rain dance to bring the clouds on. It was so neat watching the the extras, because really, it was a long day of just watching them shoot and re-shoot so I can only imagine what it was like for the extras to be out there.

Oh, I saw Anna Kendrick and Christian Serratos. But Christian Serratos looks so different from her MySpace page that I had to blink and squint to realize under the layers, glasses and ponytail it was her. Good costume for sure! And Anna Kendrick had her back towards the spot where I was so I didn’t notice her until she moved away from her spot.

Oh, and Emmet’s eyes looked great too. He had in the black contacts ( I think) and it looked really trippy!

Let’s see, what else...Oh the first time I saw Edward and Bella together (not the doubles but the real ones) I about melted. They look so good y’all. And Amy got this excellent shot of Bella looking up at Edward with that furrowed brow of hers but her eyes spoke volumes. And that cute lil’ smile, you know without showing teeth, she is a GREAT BELLA! I love it. Dang she is a good actress.

OK, that was about it for Day One when I was there.

And I wanted to mention too that the Cullen kids get along GREAT. In between takes Nikki was talking to Robert in the Volvo, Kristen snuggled up to Nikki, Kellan was playing football with some crew members (I think) and everyone was just awesome. And it was neat watching Catherine in action. Giving directions to everyone. I was totally in awe...*sigh*

Day Two-Wednesday, 3/19-We heard a rumor that they were taping in doors, but we showed up at around 4 PM, it was raining, we went to the same spot that we went to on Day One and the sound booth was set up there! The sound booth guy (sorry I forget your name) was so awesome. It was cool to see the angles that the camera was getting. They were taping the part in the book after Edward first meets Bella and he wants to kill her ( you know the clenching of the fists by his car). They taped that one a lot too. But again it was neat to see the different views they got first following Bella down the steps to her car, and then she starts it, to Edward’s eyes glaring at her as she walks past him and he clenches his fists. AND he had his black contacts in! Oi vey! Loved it.

So, anyhow, I was getting cold, so I went to warm up in the car and the sound guy was giving Amy the inside scoop on the taping of the scene. I came out to the end of his explanation but there is A LOT that goes into it. Geez. And there is so much equipment too. I was keeping my distance from it all since I sometimes have Bella tendencies. I would hate to trip on a wire and take the whole sound booth with me!

Um, the costumes are great. Really simple pieces but in dark colors. Oh, and on day one, It was so called and they kept reshooting a scene (the rehearsal and the actual) and Alice was wearing a short sleeve shirt in Rosalie’s convertible with the top down, driving back and forth and and back and forth. I was shivering for her.

OK, sorry this was all over the place but I was typing as I remembered things.

Again a cool experience being on set. We couldn’t get any pix on day two because there were no camera’s allowed but again. If you ever get the chance to see a movie being filmed, do it.

AND the Volvo looks great. There are more front shots of it than rear shots, and in the sound booth the Volvo looked good to me!

Hope that satisfies your appetites! You wanted details, now you got them!

I need to post the story about how we saw Rob and Jackson after hours on Wednesday night, Kellan after hours on Wednesday night and JAckson, Nikki and her friend after hours on Thursday night. Thank goodness the concierge recommended some great spots to eat at this week or we would have never seen those guys up close!

Forgot to mention that CTM might add more later and that because of a change of plans we got to hang with kallieross all week, who is way better at recapping things than I am! I am posting a close encounters story in a lil' bit. Lemme just preface it by saying Kellan Lutz is AWESOME!

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