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 Set Reports

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PostSubject: Set Reports   Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:38 am

Here's a report from a Twilight Mom for those who haven't read it yet. It's long but definitely worth it.

Quote :
I got to the crew parking lot at around 6:20 am and there were already people going towards all the trailers and tents. I find a lady with a walkie talkie (who must know things) and she is holding these nice clothes on hangers in her hand. She asks into the walkie "do you know where Rosalie's trailer is, I can't find it?" The guy on the other end says "who?" and the girl rolls her eyes and says "Nikki Reed....Rosalie, I can't find her trailer.." The guys says "ohhhh, yeah I'll call you right back". She looks at me and I ask her where to check in and she directs me to the food tent. I walk in and Rose checks me in and has me fill out my I-9 form and says I can eat breakfast and wait. It was so cold and the tent was no warmer than outside so I just sit in a ball and wait. Slowly more and more people and crew come in to eat. There is this huge spread of any kind of breakfast food that you can imagine including a fancy "make your own" juicer. I see some of the stand-ins (for Tyler, Rosalie, Edward and Dr. Cullen). They all seemed to know each other. I kind of get excited because I start realizing that if all those stand-ins are here then possibly all the cast will be in the shoot? I start talking to some of the other extras and they all have titles like "doctor" "nurse" and "patient". Slowly they start sending the different extras to wardrobe which left me and about 4 others there as "visitors/waiting room". I was so cold that Rose told me that she was getting worried at thought I should go sit by the space heater... embarrassing! They send us over to wardrobe at around 7:10 where they are running behind so we all stand in a huddle outside the trailer waiting for our turn.

As I am standing in the huddle I start meetiing some of my fellow extras (keeping my super fanaticness on the D/L) when I see Gregory Tyree Boyce walking into a trailer right in front of us. He looks at us all and smiles a little then walks in. We all keep talking and one of the extras (Raj) says "I can't stand it're shivering and turning blue...take my jacket!". So he gives me his warm parka and I get a little bit normal. About a minute later, I see this flash of bright yellow walking past me...Inside I do a huge "SQUEEE!" but nobody else seemed to notice my reaction to seeing Peter (Dr. Cullen) walk right by us all and smile. He was on his way to make-up. By now, I am realizing that a lot of the cast will be on set today and maybe I'll get to see them up close (which would be enough to say the least!).

Slowly we get okayed through wardrobe but me and Raj are the last 2 people and they give Raj a different jacket to wear and a beanie. They look at me and say "do you have anything more colorful...we want you to be hip and cute?". I pull out the stuff that I brought and they picked a mini skirt, Uggs, tank top , and hoodie. So they send me to change in this bathroom the size of an airplane toilet. I had to be a contortionist to even take my jeans off so putting on the tights was really fun. Plus, they pick the coldest outfit for me the human popsicle. I get okayed and sent back to the food tent where they said my make-up was fine and hair was great. T. Coe (the AD) came up and said hello to all of us and said that we were going to have lots of fun today. He look us all over and picks a handful of us to head onto the set. We walk into the hospital, past the Forks Ambulance, down a long hallway and he puts us in a little waiting area. A few minutes later Dion (another AD) comes in and points to me, Raj, and a few others to follow him. He leads us past all the lighting and cameras and sits us in an actual hospital waiting room where people get checked in. We sit there for a minute and Dion comes back in and looks us all over. He points to me and Raj and asks us to follow him. He leads us down the hall and around the corner and he says "you two look like you could be family and I want you guys to get in as much of the shot as you can. I will try to make sure you two get on camera as much as I can." After he walks away me and Raj look at each other and start freaking out when no one was looking.

So T. Coe and Dion tell us our directions and our marks and all the timing and cues that we were going to do. I find out that we are doing the scene when Edward and Bella are fighting in the hospital about the crash. So me and Raj have to walk down a corridor where in a few takes I bump into Nikki and Peter. After I go down the corridor I had to hurry around and loop back to where Dion was. I had to stand there until my next cue. Okay...this is where I about peed my pants. So Robert and Kristen and standing at the corner of the hallway with their faces about 4 inches apart leaning against the wall. I am standing right in Robert line of sight watching him act and say all his lines to Kristen. AHHHH! He has his contacts in, hair done, teeth bared as he listens to her say "I know what I saw!" EDIT FOR SPOILERS (SORRY I CAN'T WRITE ALL THE DIALOGUE In a few of the takes I walk in-between Bella and Edward while they are fighting and then in another take I actually follow Robert up the ramp. Watching Robert saying Edwards lines was absolutely thrilling! He IS Edward through and through! After Robert walks away from Kristen she turns around and leans against the wall and kind up slumps down all upset like while the camera zooms in on her tortured face!

We redo the same shot from several different angles and different lights and points of view. As me and Raj are waiting at our mark, Robert and Nikki walk outside to smoke and Peter stays behind. Peter looks over at me and Raj and walks up to us and says "hey guys, how you doing?" We say we're great and I ask him why he got left behind, not a smoker? He says, "No, I used to smoke all the time but not so much anymore. I might have one on occasion but nothing like I used to. Yeah, I've cut it way back to about a pack a day...laughs laughs". I asked him about the contacts and he said "No they don't really bother me, but the way they are made gives you like tunnel vision. You have no peripheral vision at all." I asked if that makes him sick and he said "No, not really." After that we had to film so we would talk to him in-between takes. Before lunch, we all were sitting around and there were two little 8 year old kids that were background that we all got to know and kind of watched over so they didn't talk in the middle of filming or something. We were sitting there with the kids when Peter walked over and said hi to them and asked them their names and how old they were. The little girl asked him if he was married and he said yes and then they asked him to who and he said a woman. All of us adults laugh and then he tells them that he has a 10 years old a 5 year old and an 18 month old. The kids both just stare at him and he says.."so you're not really interested in all that are you...laugh laugh". Then the little girl says "where's Jasper?" and Peter says, "He isn't here today. But I'm here...Dr. Cullen!". He asks her why and she says "because Jasper is my favorite!" and Peter says, "why is Jasper your favorite?" and the girl says "because Jasper is funny!". Peter says, "No I'm your favorite...I'm funny!..." The little girl gave him a 'I don't think so' kind of look and so Peter walks away and comes back and says, "Okay, I have a joke for you...he proceeds to tell them a joke about a chicken and we all laugh and he asks her if she thinks he is funny now?" This went on and on with Peter trying to prove that he was the best and the funniest of all the vampires and that he should be her favorite. He talked about vampires with the boy for a while (all of this is going to be on the behind the scenes DVD that that guy is filming).

So, I'm sitting down in a chair and there is a wheelchair next to me and some people who actually work at the hospital. Robert walks to us and he says, "Is anyone sitting in that?" We all so no, and that he can sit in it if he wants. So he plunks down next to us and Nikki walks over and starts laughing hysterically. She says "You just made my day Rob...seeing you in that chair is great!". He of course has some choice words to say to her and they tease back and forth like real brother and sister. Then it was time for another shot so we all have to get to our marks and Nikki says, come on dad (to Peter) its time to work. (THEY REALLY TEASE HIM AND CALL HIM DAD)

So I am standing at my mark with Raj and I look outside and Billy Burke is smoking a cigarette. The guys has the funniest looking porn-stach that I have ever seen. He looks over at me and I point to my upper lip, smile and do a cheesy big thumbs up. He starts coughing and laughing. I think he thinks it is as funny as I do...

Peter comes up to me and says, "I could really go for some eatin' right about now" and I told him me too. We were told only 20 more minutes until break. He smiles and we get back to the last shot. So we get escorted to the food tent and they let all the cast go first and then the crew and then the extras. The cast all sat right next to the extras table. They weren't uncomfortable hanging out and talking with everyone. I think because there were so few of us that it didn't seem overwhelming. Nikki and the little girl joked around and played chase. Nikki said that it was no fair because she couldn't catch her in stilettos! Robert was all business once he got his food...we were all starving by then because we didn't break until like 1:30. Kristen came over to the table and sat with Robert, Nikki, the little girl and Katie. I was sitting next to KR who is best friends with a crew member. She was kind of in charge of watching the little girl (who was her friends daughter). So KR leans over to me and says that since the little girl got to take pics on the set, that she would let me have them since I was such a fan and couldn't take pics. I was elated! KR and I know each other from somewhere but neither of us can remember where but we were bosom buddies on set because we felt like we already knew each other...weird huh!

So after lunch, it was back to the same shots over and over again. I was standing at my mark in-between takes when someone totally bumps me from behind. I turn around and Peter shoves a pen light (like doctors use) in my face and says "Open wide and let me see!" So I flash him my throat and he says "It's cool...your good...". He did the same to KR and then I asked if I got to do it to him and he says "Noway!" It was a lot more joking around and hanging out and doing some takes.

Robert and Kristen and Catherine would have little pow-wows ever so often and Nikki and Kristen seemed to be good friends. Tyler was kind of aloof but would watch a lot.

So they had to wrap the little kids and they had us all wait in the waiting room for a while. Then they took us to the emergency room scene. We all stood in a line and T. Coe came over and ate some of Raj's cookies and whispered to him "Are you in any hurry to get home?" He said, "no man, I'm cool" and T. Coe addressed the whole group and said..."Okay, we are going to wrap most of you guys before you start overtime, but we will keep a few of you." He points to me and Raj and says you two, points to a few other and he said the rest of you can go with Rose to sign out. He looks at us and says "we may or may not need you two for any more scenes but if you stick around for another two hours or so we will see what we can do. Plus you will get paid for it." So he leaves and I thank Raj for being the best brother an extra could ask for and we sat and waited. I got to watch Billy and Peter do their emergency room scenes, which was awesome. They never used us again, but we still got paid and got to watch!

So T. Coe and Rose come out and they tell us that we can all wrap. All the cast and crew say good-bye and we head towards the food tent again. Rose checks us all out and I tell Raj good-bye. I grab my suitcase and start walking back to my car. As I'm walking all the crew wave and say good-bye Katie Lou and I wave and say good-bye back. I did see Drew and David again but didn't get a chance to talk to them other than yelling hi to them. By the end of the day, I was known as the hair and dimples girl. A bunch of crew knew me by that name and that alone so I thought that was funny. I get in my car and immediately call Jenny (if I hadn't she would have killed me) and tell her all I could remember.

So thats my story...I am sure I will think of more details but my brain is done right now.

Peter seems so awesome!
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Set Reports
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